Our facility has been closed to the general public since March 16 and only open to our Summer Campers. We have chosen to continue to keep Krazy Kids closed to the general public Monday – Friday through Remote Camp Hours.

Our facility continues to be cleaned and sanitized and we will continue to do so during the course of the day, on an hourly basis and especially in high touch places, such as doorknobs, tables, faucets, and children’s toys frequently used throughout the day.

We will keep our slides and other play structures open and will continue to clean them multiple times throughout the day as campers use them and prior to a new group of campers entering the play area. We will rotate our designated play areas throughout the day with only one group of campers using that area at a time. Each area will be cleaned and sanitized before a new group enters that play area.

Hand washing instructions are posted in all bathrooms. Children will wash their hands immediately upon arrival, before eating snacks, before leaving for the day and after sneezing or coughing in them. Children who have sensory challenges with hand washing will have modified hand washing routines which are individualized to them. If you have concerns about specific products used for hand washing, please let the camp director know.

Children’s learning areas will be supplied with hand sanitizer. In addition, their tables and learning materials will be wiped down before and after each day with antibacterial cleaner. If your child has an allergy or sensitivity to antibacterial gel or cleaning products, please let us know. Community spaces throughout the building will be cleaned and wiped down after each use. We will also offer individual wrapped utensils. We follow strict cleaning and disinfectant guidelines in our kitchen.