Krazy Kids will be offering an After School Program for Pembroke students on hybrid days. We are working on transportation from Pembroke Hill and Pembroke TRS (age applicable 13 years and under).

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our director. Upon registration of your child, you will receive a link with necessary documents that must be filled out prior to your child attending, including a list of what your child should bring each day.

You will be contacted by Krazy Kids to review your registration and to review placement of your child or children into our After School Program. It is very important you make contact with Krazy Kids before your child arrives for their first day to ensure proper paperwork is completed and there is a mutual understanding of the details around your child’s schedule.

If you attended Krazy Kids Summer Camp 2020, please contact us prior to completing the form below at so that we can waive your registration fee for our After School Program. Thank you!